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Deserve a Vacation

Thoughtful food made from local ingredients for your busy life

How it works!

 Day by Day

WE PREPARE FULLY COOKED MEALS USING LOCAL FOODS AND  DELIVER RIGHT TO YOUR DOORSTEP.  Simply order and pay for the weeks ahead, then receive your chosen meals on the day you request  by delivery or pick up the next week.


Each meal has reheating instructions provided.

We know that everyone's calendars can look different from week to week, so we have decided to opt out of being a subscription service.  This means that you only pay on demand (no pre-payment plans) and receive meals on the weeks that you choose to order.

Minimum Costs for Delivery:

We require a $25 minimum food purchase for delivery. There is no minimum purchase for pick up. Pick up will be at 139 Reeder’s Alley (where Saigon Alley was).

If you’re a new customer:

Try out our service first and we will send you to go materials at no extra cost. If you enjoy our service and want to order on a regular basis we recommend paying a one time $35 dollar fee and we will provide you with a cooler and reusable containers. These containers should be washed and put out to where you receive your delivery the next week.

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lentil soup.heic


We believe that the best food comes from the best ingredients, and that means local!  Whenever possible we try and best the best local produce and cook seasonally.  When you purchase something from Wonderlust Foods, you aren't just supporting our staff, you are supporting farms just down the road and a better environment too.  

-Timeless seeds; chickpeas and lentils , Conrad, MT
- Glory Farm, herbs, Helena, MT
-Moss Farms, apples and assorted fruit, Rollins, MT
-Lifeline Farm, Butter, Darby, MT
-Harlequin produce, carrots, peppers and assorted produce, Arlee, MT
-Almalthea Dairy, goat cheese, Belgrade, MT
Bugoni's Sausage, sausage, Missoula, MT
XX Bar Ranch, beef, Helena, MT
Elk Creek Colony, whole chickens, Augusta, MT
Front St. Fungi, Mushrooms, Missoula, MT
Local Bounti, salad greens, Hamilton, MT
Rocky Mountain Produce- potatoes, cabbage and assorted produce, Rigby, ID

We hope you'll enjoy our food too!

food on table.jpeg

I am still thinking about the vegetarian red curry and veggie roll and I can't wait to have more of this great food again.

- Grayce


The food is unique and has incredible flavor.  My favorites are the beef satay, pho, and banh mi.  So happy to have a really delicious and reasonably priced place to eat & bring out-of-town guests!

- Brigitte

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