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Early Winter Dishes

With snow on the ground we are getting the last of the fresh fall produce, like winter greens, apples, and tomatoes, but our focus will become more on storage crops.  Winter squashes, potatoes, lentils and grains, cabbage and beets with show up more on our menu in the coming months.  However, this doesn't mean that your food has to be boring.  We will be changing it up weekly to highlight how different spices and preparation can transform the everyday into something luscious .

We will continue to highlight Vegan, Gluten Free and Dairy free recipes! For all of our customers who loved us at Saigon Alley for having different dietary options, we will be continuing to hopefully fulfill a void in Helena with Wonderlust Foods.  We will make sure to include icons that will help you identify what is gluten free, vegan or organic, and write on each recipe what is dairy free.  Some food options might have an option to remove gluten etc. as well, so just look out for those if you need us to remove garnishes that might be problematic for you.

Southeast Asian Options will always be part of our menu as well.  We know some of you were sad to see Saigon Alley was closing, but we promise to rotate at least one or two Southeast Asian favorites on our menu from week to week.  Check out the weekly menu to look out for your favorites.

Not seeing what your stomach has been hoping for?  Please fill out our survey and let us know what you don't have time to make yourself that we could make for you!  While we might not be able to accommodate everyone, we will work to make you happy!

Satisfy Your Tastebuds!

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